The South Australian Experts In Wholesale Noodles

TAINGS was established since 1983 in South Australia. Originally TAINGS was a family owned and operated company, making and selling hokkien noodles from home. In 1995, after a period of successful product development, Mr. & Mrs. Sokhum Taing established a new factory in Thebarton, located in sunny South Australia. Since the new factory was established, TAINGS Noodles have enjoyed good sales growth in the South Australia market. In 1996 we begun to export noodles to the Eastern States and became one of major primary supplier to supermarkets and hospitality industries.

A Diverse Range Of Noodles

From 1998 TAINGS Noodles started to launch new noodle varieties. November 2000, TAINGS launched its first range of TAINGS Stir-Fry sauces. TAINGS noodles achieved the status of Australia best-selling fresh Asian noodles (Source: A.C. Nelson) for 2000 and 2001.Highway Enterprise Pty Ltd, a member of the Highway Group of Companies, took over TAINGS Noodle in 2006 to inject new capital and expertise and to ensure the continued growth and expansion of the noodle business.

The Future For TAINGS

A new, state of the art manufacturing plant to be located at Wingfield, South Australia is planned for 2011. The plant shall be used to produce quality and healthy Asian favourites such as steam buns, dim sums, spring and cold rolls etc. To keep in touch with the ongoing process of TAINGS, just get in touch with our team, and call!

The Expert In Noodles

We want to progress as a company, gaining strength in our particular market and perfecting our art and trade in every respect. We see that the key to success is to stick to the basics: through providing premium quality products tailored to meet the changing market needs, at affordable wholesale prices. Our company philosophy is to respond quickly to the changing environment, encourage learning and be flexible in adopting new technologies and techniques in our manufacturing process, with particular emphasis on product quality and food safety. As proof of our commitment to the future we have recently completed the construction of a new manufacturing plant located in Angle Park in South Australia, which we hope will take us successfully well into this new millennium. TAINGS will continue to be responsive to the consumer’s needs and, continue to increase the range of Asian foods that are changing the Asian foods consumption over the last 5 years, seeing TAINGS¬†moving from an ethnic food to an Australian family favourite.

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